Digital Learning & Teaching Program

Digital Learning & Teaching Program

by admin / May 10, 2018 / Digital Learning & Teaching Program

The DLTP project was launched in beginning of 2017 with focus on forming partnerships with various agencies working in education domain, thereby increasing the outreach to students coming from different segments of the society.

It is now maturing into our flagship program ( Digital Learning & Teaching Program  ) which focuses on children from low income groups and those living in remote areas; by effectively using the power of Internet.

There has been a steady increase in the usage of our digital platform and through the DLTP program we have been able to train around 100 teachers in different schools and learning centers. More than 1500 e-classes have been conducted in these learning centers impacting around 3000 students.

Impact of Work in Progress:

Teachers : Significant improvement in the comfort level with which teachers use technology in teaching.

80% of the teachers trained did not have exposure to the use of technology and internet and were reluctant to use it in classroom teaching. Through the workshops they were able to overcome their hesitation and slowly started seeing the effectiveness of the resources available in the E-Library as a teaching-aid. They found they could upgrade their teaching skills significantly by going through the resources available in the library. The E-library provided them a means to interact more actively with the children so as to provide them better understanding of the subjects.

Most of them found the program to be extremely useful for their overall development and felt that although initially they were skeptical; they found meaningful data that aided them in providing clarity of concepts to students. 

The teachers found an increased interest in students in all the subjects that were taken in the E-classes and the demand for adding E-content in other subjects steadily increased.

Overall there was an improvement in teachers in the following areas

Students : Most of the students find it very interesting and are enthusiastic about attending E-classes. However, most students emphasized that they found it interesting only when teachers made the sessions interactive. This is why the DLTP program focuses on capacity building of teachers.

In a recent study it was observed that children going through the E-Classes in centers where the program was already in progress had much more concept clarity than those of much higher classes where it was not running.

Overall the following impact  has been observed in students

Management and Processes: The program (DLTP) has now started helping teachers and management  to use standard  server-based collaborative tools. This helps them in maintaining reports that can track the progress of each beneficiary in their respective  centers. The management can also cull out reports based on their specific needs and thus  have a better hold on the activities happening in their respective learning centers.