Budget Private Schools as of today are a reality one can hardly overlook ! ........by NISA

Why budget private schools?

A Budget performing school derives a significant proportion of its funding from sources other than the State.

Bureaucratic sclerosis, powerful teachers unions with little incentive to teach, and corruption have contributed to an ineffective education system in India. Many of the nation's poor have opted out of government schools, choosing instead to send their children to independent budget private schools that provide better outcomes at lower costs. Budget private schools are an entrepreneurial response to meet urgent education needs by expanding access to the poorest children. Catering to economically weaker sections of society, these schools operate on wafer thin margins. Despite lack of infrastructure and facilities, systematic research over the past decade has shown that learning outcomes in these schools are equal to or better than those of far more resourceful government schools.

With the norms laid down by the RTE act, especially those that are concerned with physical infrastructure, these schools face closure. It is important to understand that these schools are addressing a pressing need in society and are increasing the choice and quality of education available to diverse and disadvantaged sections of society. NISA believes that the government should work to create a conducive environment for the functioning of these schools and recognize the role they are playing in the education sector.

NISA ( National Independent Schools Alliance )

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