Remaining in touch with you.....

Hello Friends,                                                                   16th. Aug.2021

Happy to touch base with you again.

We are happy to share that students who have been regularly attending our online classes for past one year have shown a definite improvement in their understanding of the subjects. This is inspite of the challenges faced by them , like problems with their mobile phones, data connectivity and other related issues.

We have been focusing on two subjects - English & Mathematics and classes 3rd to 8th.

We have also re-phrased our 'e-Tuition' classes as "Online Funda Classes", since we have been and will continue to focus on strengthening the core fundamental concepts related to different topics and discourage students from rote learning. The focus is not on obtaining marks in the exams (that will happen on its own) but getting the concepts clear, the fundas clear.

Hope schools re-open soon and students are able to enjoy physical presence of their schoolmates and the school environment.

In addition to individual students we are now ready to help schools and learning centers during their school timings, with our 'online funda classes'.

We would also like to convey our appreciation and gratitude to our 'eschool Angels' for their continued support.

Thanks and best wishes.


(initiative of eschoolTube)