We offer a Blended Learning and Teaching platform which can be easily integrated and implemented in Smart Cities. The platform comprises of three main components

  • Content Curation

We curate content from the open domain, available from different content providers into an online library, such that it addresses/with the aim of addressing different learning and teaching abilities

The e-Library has more than 12000 hyperlinks from more than 100 content providers. It has diverse content ranging from worksheets to videos, games, and simulations from high quality sources such as British Council, Khan Academy, PHET Colorado University and more.

  • Content Planning

Content planning includes mapping the content in our library with the syllabus of recognized bodies such as CBSE, NIOS and State Boards.

We also schedule the delivery of the content, dividing it into 40 working weeks throughout the academic year. This helps the teachers plan ahead and work through their syllabus in a systematic way.

  • Smart classes & Implementation

We offer a variety of services such as Online classes, and e-Classrooms to ensure that the content is used in the right way.

We train and guide both teachers and students throughout the process, creating an environment that encourages collaboration and fosters communication between students and teachers.


  • Focus on Concept-clarity / fundamentals, doing away with rote learning
  • Enabling students and teachers to become technologically literate
  • Application oriented, applying learnings to real life situations through practical examples
  • Integrated learning / understanding relevance of topics learnt through different subjects and how they are interconnected