Blended Learning in Libraries :

Blended Learning is set up in Libraries in two different modes (using our 'e-Classroom')

 (i).  Individual learning mode (librarian guides a student on one-to-one basis)

 (ii). Group mode (librarian guides a group of students, as a class)

 Depending on the available infrastructure, the librarian asks each student to work separately on a computer or guides a group of students on a single computer system

 Librarian’s role:

Librarian’s role includes:

●        Selecting a topic for an individual learner or the group (class)

●        Exposing learners to e-content (more visual and interactive) provided through the e-classroom to trigger interest and build concept clarity about the topic

●        Encouraging learners to find and read books related to the topic and refer back to the e-content to clarify any doubts 

●        Ensuring students follow the instructions given in the Classwork (assignments within e-classroom)

●        Checking the work done by students and attaching the Good, Average and Weak students’ work and Turning/Handing in their work (within the e-classroom)

●        Interacting and facilitating the delivery of Classwork (within e-Classroom provided by eSchoolTube