An initiative formed to support education and skill development, with a focus on utilizing the power of Internet.

The pilot project was started in 2012, offering online educational content. Gradually it developed into a more extensive database of online content from various sources on the net, finally shaping into an 'e-Library'.

The content is now offered to many schools, learning centers and students through 'e-Classrooms' and 'e-Tuitions'.


The initiative aims to start online classes for users who find it difficult to do so.

Main features of the initiative :

  • Easy-to-use interface, WhatsApp*, to start online classes
  • Once users (students & teachers) gain comfort level, they continue online classes through "e-Classrooms", "e-Workshops" & "e-Tuitions" offered through Google Meet* or Zoom* and Google Classroom*

e-Classrooms, e-Workshops & e-Tuitions

e-Classroom is a guided online classroom wherein students can log in from anywhere and anytime and do their classwork.

e-Workshop is a virtual session conducted through 'Zoom' or 'Google Meet', providing regular support to address issues and ensure effective implementation.

e-Tuition is an online session conducted by us, using 'Google Meet' or 'Zoom'; with a focus on building subject concept clarity among students rather than rote learning.

*WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, Inc.*Google Meet & Google Classroom are owned by Google LLC*Zoom is owned by Zoom Video Communications, Inc.