About Us

eschoolTube is an initiative formed to support education and skill development, with a focus on utilizing the power of Internet.

The initiative aims to :

  • Enhance process of learning & teaching through easy to use, relevant & interactive online content

  • Blend digital & e-learning methods with conventional teaching practices to bring out deeper learning and strengthen fundamentals

  • Reach out to students from all segments

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Online Classes

Online classes are conducted with the help of WhatsApp, ZOOM and Google Classrooms, on mobile phones or computers. These online e-Tuition classes are also streamed on YouTube.

The focus is on building subject concept clarity among students rather than rote learning.

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Blended Learning & Teaching

Digital learning & teaching is blended with conventional teaching methods in different schools and centers catering to all segments and also to those living in remote areas.

The 'Blended Learning & Teaching Program' is offered through NGOs, schools and learning centers.

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Teacher Training Workshops :

Capacity building workshops for teachers & instructors are regularly held through contact programs as well as virtually through 'e-Workshops'

eschoolTube : a blended learning platform

The platform can be used as a key resource for Smart Cities, NGOs, Learning Centers, Teachers, Parents and Students.

At the back-end three main processes of 'Content Curation', ' Content Planning and 'Content Management' are used to deliver a blended learning & teaching environment.....

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How it started

In 2012, we started the pilot project 'IndiaEschool', offering online educational content. Gradually it developed into a more extensive database of online content from various sources on the net, finally shaping into an 'e-Library'.

The content is now offered to many schools and learning centers through 'e-Classrooms' and 'e-Tuitions'